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<%_('EMenu is the integrated solution which will support digital transformation in your orgnization, change your venue Menu to QR easy to access nenu')%>

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<%_('Physical Distancing')%>

<%_('QR Menu ensure Physical Distancing & Reducing physical contact')%>

<%_('Increase Efficiency')%>

<%_('Cost reduction, Time saving and Customer experience enhancement')%>

<%_('Dynamic Content')%>

<%_('Add, Remove, Edit and Unpublish items and categories form menu any time')%>

<%_('Bilingual easy to use menu')%>

<%_('The menu supports Arabic and English Language, with unlimited categories & items.')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('helps your business to apply physical distancing of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs rules')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('helps your business to Reduce physical contact')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('dose not need mobile app to be installed, directly opened with internet browser')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('link can be shared on social media network easily')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('Allows you to survey your customers opinions easily!')%>

<%_('QR menu')%> <%_('Allows your customers to place orders whether from their table without any help from the staff, or online, however, you prefer!')%>

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<%_('Birket Alsaba`, Munofia, Egypt')%>